Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat


Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat

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Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat
Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat
Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat
Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat
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Fortune Cat / Maneki-neko Cat / Lucky Cat / Money Cat

招财猫 Zhao Cai Mao

Product discription:

Size: 4cm x 4cm

Condition: 100%  New

Material: Ceramic

Weight: 28g

Introduction of the Fortune Cats: 

The oringinal name of fortune cat is Maneki-neko, whick means lucky, happy, fortune and wealth. It is called in China money cat. It was usually made of ceramic and it is very popular in China, Japan and Thailand, which can bring good luck to the people who have. Furthermore, people believe that it can bring gut income. The Cats will be puted at the entrance of shops, restaurants  or even in the office of the merchants, so that the business will be better and better and there will be more and more customers in the future.

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